Texas Holdem – Rowned in Poker’s Explosion?

Texas Holdem - Rowned in Poker's Explosion

From 2003 to 2011 no-limit Texas Hold’em went from uncommonly popular to the most popular poker game in the world in three short years. From 2003 to 2004 no-limit Texas Hold’em was played as a tournament poker game to acquire a debutant to the World Series of Poker. From 2004 to 2005, High stakes poker took place on a smaller scale with the breaking of the single-table tournaments. Then in 2006 came the flood of small gains whereby many new poker players came to the scene. Some miraculous things happened along the way.

TG Poker took place between January and March of 2006. On January 27th Chris Moneymaker, a pretty boy accountant and university student from theHOchoisePrepaid Cardroom, became the 2nd anonymously purchaser of the hefty $300,000 2nd day1549 game. Normally $300,000 aggregate is paid to 1st place, so $300k+£100k or $500k+£150k in cash is Bodog Gamblers. Chris Moneymaker rose to the top with a buy-in of $300.000 comprising of $70.000 from satellite poker rooms and $300.000 from cash games.

This was the time in which poker became exploded. Not only because Moneymaker had tremendous luck, but also because of a new televised event,the World Poker Tour. Purchasers of satellite poker rooms such as Bodog were able to watch the professional players and felt that they too could make it big in poker. The Bodog Poker explosion is well evident in the WSOP whose entrants have doubled their number in the last years.

Chris Moneymaker was by most accounts a typical poker fish, keen to play in the cash games and not really focused on tournaments or high stakes games. Most of the online poker rooms at the time did not offer live poker events although the twice yearly WSOP events did.

Online poker players soon realised that they could make fortunes from the small games and grind out a living playing from the comfort of their homes.

Since the huge growth in Texas Holdem poker you can see many variations happening. New poker players starting online, old poker players dropping out of the tourney, poker rooms renting out airtime and even satellite poker tournaments.

The question at the moment is…

Can Bola88 retain its enormous number of dedicated players?

The overwhelming majority of players that logging on to play poker for a living or just for thrill are women, perceiving the game as a women’s game. Multiple studies have been conducted to try and explain the reason why this is the case. One of the reasons is that women are more likely to like playing than men. Another reason is that women often have more flexible schedules and are able toack up to many hours playing on the internet.

Sofa games and garage games in the UK are the next likely places that women will try their hand at online poker. The ratio of male to female players could be as much as 10 to 1. But what of the ratio in countries like China or Russia? Well, researchers believe that the more advanced a country is, the less its women players. In the UK the ratio of men to women is about 1.5 to 1.

However, some women do remain keen to play online poker. The reason that some do stay is because of the potential gain. Experienced players can teach new players the game and in the future, as the female percentage of the online poker market grows, so might the number of female poker players online.