Lottery Programs – 6 Ways To Pick Lottery Numbers

Lottery Programs - 6 Ways To Pick Lottery Numbers

My friend and I have been discussing how to pick lottery numbers for prizes on the weekend, and were lead to the conclusion that it was pretty much impossible to do without a formula. An Easy Way to Pick Lottery Numbers revealed the solution to this problem, through a simple process of recording the winning numbers of the lotto either for previous draws or if you know the winning numbers of the lotto already, each time you play.

Most people ask how you can record the lottery winning numbers if you don’t have a computer. At our house we have a few cheap pocket tops that fold up pretty easily, and when we have our own computer it’s all made software using an RV enthusiast DVD-ROM. The method we chose was to record the lottery freaks that we know using Pocket buddies and refer to them later.

Most of the freaks we know have important things in common; they like to play cash 3 or play lottery on the free tickets, pick the numbers in their favorite sequence and at random. Some of them even have their lucky numbers with them and mark their tickets with those numbers on a lottery ticket. It really doesn’t matter how or why they pick their numbers, they are going to pick the numbers in the same pattern and that’s how they win the prizes.

My friend Jason wins many times a week and he wins smaller prizes than that, but he never goes out of his house buying a lotto ticket with his small winnings. He can’t even buy a ticket with money he gets on his best day at work. So how can he explain the size of the prizes he wins? If you have a lucky number, you may want to record it on your lottery ticket for future chances. If you happen to win a prize with the same number, you could use the same lucky number for two or three consecutive drawings.

In the Florida lotteries, winners have the option to request an additional dollar for their favorite number to be played as a second lucky number. Camelot, the governing body of the Florida lotteries had the option of choosing the number for a minimum dollar payment, but they chose not to.

Here are some other ways you can pick lottery numbers that may increase your chances of winning;

  1. Personalized numbers– not everyone chooses random numbers or favorite numbers, so why not give some numbers a bit of personality. You can arranged your numbers by birth date, anniversary, or age. It’s up to you how you do it, but you could do it in different ways. You could either do it in a numerical sequence to make sure you win in a certain amount of time, or you could use different colors to emphasize the importance of the number. Who knows, winning the lottery with numbers that you choose makes for a pretty presentation too!
  2. Odd and Even Number Betting combo– hopefully you won’t be betting on numbers that are boxed, like 3-2-2, but you could mix things up a bit by betting on odd and even numbers. It’s risky, but the chances are higher if you do win the big prize.
  3. Wheel Number Betting combination– if you got your numbers drawn in a 6 number draw, then you would have the wheel, which dictates that the winning numbers are in the middle sequence. You could bet on any set of numbers that would fit in the middle in any 6 number draw.
  4. Continue Probability Number Selections– the winners circle is wide and deep, and the strategy of choosing numbers can be endless. This time choose your birth date or your lucky numbers. If you are calculating probability make sure you’ve done some math before you pick your numbers.
  5. The Quick Pick Method– no, you cannot determine the winning combination through this method, but it’s a way of choosing numbers so you can at least decide on a set of numbers.
  6. Convert the Lotto Numbers – the odds of winning and losing are the same and it’s the law of numbers. Once you’ve decided on your numbers, be sure to look at the winning combinations for previous draws. It’s unlikely that three numbers in a 6 number draw will be the same as three numbers in a 5 number draw.
  7. Mathematical Equations– a winning program or MPO500 often comes with its own number generator, which is a fantastic tool to help you analyze past lotto draws and choose the right set of numbers for the next draw.

You can increase your chances of winning by getting a system of choosing numbers to use in lotto. No system is foolproof but a good one can.

How to win the lottery is not as difficult as some people might think. Give some time and invest in researching and coming up with your own system of choosing lotto numbers.