How to Build a Poker Bankroll

How to Build a Poker Bankroll

Why do you play poker? If you are like many millions of people around the world, you have found that poker is a game you can place a reasonable bet on and expect to win long term. In fact, many people win enough poker to earn a living out of it. However, for many people, when they start playing poker, the thrill is not the most important aspect of the game. The important thing to focus on is how to build a poker bankroll for future games. Whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran, the game will provide you with hours and hours of entertainment. However, to some people, poker is much more than just a game.

Why do you need a poker bankroll?

If you have ever watched a football, basketball, or baseball game, you will understand that there are three crucial things that are needed to win a World Series of Poker event: Hand selection, Betting strategy, and Action. However, building a poker bankroll is also important because of the one thing missing in all these games: Money. If you are going to become a profitable poker player, you need to fund your account. Poker players fund their accounts by playing poker, so how do you fund your poker account? You issue credit cards to fund your account. However, you should only use one credit card to fund your account. If you continue to use multiple credit cards to fund your account, you will slowly be drawn into horrible debt.

With that said, you should pick a strategy when you fund your account. For example, I was using a $300 online poker bonus to fund my account, and I was only playing low-limit games. Due to the 1% wagering requirement, I was unable to grind my way up the $600 ladder unless I remained very aggressive. If I just played a little bit more and broke, my account would bust. I continued to play low-limit games until April, 2010, and I didn’t earn a single cent on the thousands of hands dealt back and forth. Suddenly, I realized that I was due for a big win. Once I broke that bank roll, I realized the error I was making, and I revamped my kartupoker strategy.

If you decide to play micro-limit games, you should stick to the top five games, and only move up in limit when you have mastered the games. Micro limit games are not worth your time. Although micro limit games present the most interesting blind structure, your profit will be very low unless you are playing premium hands.

However, if you can play at any limit, you can work your way up to micro limit games. Your poker bankroll will last much longer. You can learn to play quality hands and learn the moves in micro limit games. At this level blind play is much different from full-limit play. You will be able to play all kinds of hands. Beg to micro limit games and acquire enough experience before you move to low limit games. Although your bankroll will last longer, you won’t earn as much money.

Take advantage of the bonuses. In cash games, you want to build up an amount of money that you can live off of. In tournaments, you need to win money to continue. Take advantage of the bonuses and freerolls that online poker sites offer. You can use the money you earn to build your bankroll even when you are not playing cash games.

In micro limit games, luck plays a much bigger factor. You will see people go all-in with horrible hands just to see what happens. micro limit games are games of skill. If you play well, you can win money. Just don’t expect to win much.

Just keep playing. It is never too late to learn. And if you happen to win a big pot and get it returned to you, you can stash the money in your bankroll and slowly work your way up to higher limit tables. Don’t think it can’t happen when you play micro limit poker.