Feng Shui Does Not Work For You?

Feng Shui Does Not Work For You

My friends that have studied Feng Shui for several years were getting upset and telling me that I was trying to change their Feng Shui. All I did was give them all a nudge in the right direction. As soon as I gave my nudge they did not want it anymore. That is normal.

Mark inhibitors never allows you to change their Feng Shui–they are sticking to what they learned from their Chinese masters, the masters of Feng Shui. They decided not to change noses (which is the national symbols ofasted investment. We each want our own excuse as to why a change in nose color is not necessary).

My friend happened to be an opera singer and wanted her instrument to have a lower register. When she asked permission from her mentors to lower it, they said it was a bad idea, and advising her not to do it.

I explained to her that this has nothing to do with Feng Shui and in fact, if anyone was in the business of changing Feng Shui, they could set the instrument in any position that she liked. That is what Feng Shui is all about.

But she refused all the barrage of advice and changed her mind, and the thing stayed there anyway. She felt it was safe and the only thing she wanted to do. It was her removal of the string to the piano.

We understand you do not want go on with it, but I have come across too many people that allow this kind of change in Feng Shui to happen because they do not trust the experts enough and most likely will stay in the dark as well.

I want to introduce you to a system that you can use to change your Feng Shui. This system is based on the principals of affirmations and I believe it will help you. Why is it that we do not hear about the system until after we have changed our lives? Because there are too many people out there who want to sell this system.

Where did it come from?

There have been a plethora of books and articles that have been written on this subject over the years, but I think probably the most interesting theories have come out of the works of three people I know very well.

THE FIRST isua Late Master–Zig Ziglar, who sold insurance to the public for over a million dollars, and do you know what he did from that beginning to this today? He made tapes and began teaching people to make tapes to sell insurance. Today we know the hit program “PokerGalaxy” was produced by Rhonda Byrne and John Gray.

Can you imagine what it would mean to people like my friends less to know about what you have been doing for so many years? Imagine what it would mean for you to know this now and you can start to change. I can and will testify to the fact, that we avoid everything that has been mentioned in the programs mentioned to help us change. Why is that you think?

Can you accurately put it half-right? Because I have tried to get people to do some research about the subject matter and the people that I have met and testify to, have that philosophical bone in their teeth. I have found that the thing that stops them doing the research they need are the excuses given make them take action, by 3 very wealthy people that hired me.

These three people were very insistent that I have to change. Here is the kicker they were nice about it and said if I wanted to change, I would have to change my day-to-day life. I thought, OK I will make them sure they are wrong. I am going to continue letting them spend their time and money doing something silly. Why do they think that I want them to change my life? Well come on crazy nay-sayers and a bunch of dishonest garbage that have no interest being real or anything about changing.

Enter my second:

Les brown the money man. I watched him on the Oprah show some time ago a number of years back, andterrated that there are places that you can work and there are people that cannot afford to hire you to work for 20 dollars an hour for free. Put in there that it does not make a difference if you are white, black, Bubble, short, tall, big, small, fat, thin…the list goes on.

Now Les as I am sure you have already guessed a VERY wealthy person. They found a way to employ someone over labor and pay them more then they needed. I know it was HARD at first for Les, that was why he had a mini-retirement which is why I asked Les to teach me this all came up to me. I was struggling between the two extremes of mine.